About Us

  We believe that children are very capable people. We respect children's time and ability to choose how they like to spend their time. We believe in nurturing children with engaging work, clean nutritious food, sun on their skin, fresh air, unstructured play with others, time to enjoy nature, and laughter.

Children learn best by doing and should be given the opportunity to make errors. They should also be given the opportunity to express themselves, whether verbally, artistically, musically, or with written language. We believe that children should be recognized as valuable members of the community and their families. They should be permitted to do work that is important. They should be taught how to care for themselves and others from a young age. They should be taught practical life skills.

We believe that the preschool years offer a wonderful opportunity for learning. We recognize that children are the best judge of what their learning needs are and we are lead by their interests. We aim to nurture the multiple aspects of every child's being as we spend our days together.