Grand Opening Open House

 Sunday, August 26, 2012  3:00-6:00pm

A child's finger traces letters made of sandpaper while pronouncing its sound. Tiny wooden containers are carefully shook by a child who listens intently for matching sounds. A small glass pitcher is used to pour water into six small glasses as a banana is cut into circular pieces for snack. These are just a few of the daily activities children will be completing this fall at East Harbor Montessori.

The preschool with extended care opens its doors on September 4 to children ages 3 to 5. As with traditional preschools, children will learn the basics of reading, writing, and math but children will also be engaged in practical life tasks and activities designed to refine their five senses. The preschool also stands apart in that each day children are given the freedom to choose the activities they complete. Once an activity is introduced to the class through a clear demonstration then the activity is added to the classroom shelves from which children choose their work each day.

"During the work period I carefully observe the children as they complete their individual work. I have to be careful not to interrupt a child's concentration as they go about the activities but offer guidance when it is needed," says Melissa Bayer, teacher at the new preschool. "Our very small class size will allow me to observe each student and tailor our activities to meet their particular interests."

While the mornings will be dedicated to Montessori activities, afternoons will be spent outdoors. "Children can learn so much about nature and cooperating with others through free play outside," says Bayer. "Our backyard is full of plants, insects, and animals to observe. We also have a number of stations throughout the backyard such as pot and pan drums and a mud pie kitchen to give the children opportunities for creative play together."

 To celebrate their grand opening East Harbor Montessori will be holding an open house on Sunday, August 26 from 3 to 6 pm at their location, 2110 East Harbor Road, Port Clinton.